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Does Hot Spring Water Damage Bathing Suits?

That gorgeous new swimsuit is perfect for your vacation to Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, but now you’re wondering does hot springs water damage bathing suits? Relax. The water is fine—for you

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Hot Springs & Healing Benefits

Sure, soaking in geothermal water feels fantastic, but do the mineral-rich waters like those at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort have therapeutic qualities? You tell us! Hot springs are indeed a hot

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Guys, These Spa Treatments are for You

Yes, manly men go to the spa too. In fact, Spa of the Rockies at Glenwood Hot Springs offers treatments designed specifically for guys. It seems more and more men are open-minded about going

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Colorado Resort Embraces 100 Percent Renewable Energy

As Glenwood Springs switches from fossil fuel to wind-generated electricity, Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, which has always been an environmental trailblazer, is now one of Colorado’s most eco-friendly

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Glenwood Hot Springs Names New Attractions and Gives Update on Aquatic Park Construction

Get ready; it’s full speed ahead! Glenwood Hot Springs Resort names its new aquatic features and makes the final push toward completion in July. Just weeks away from a July opening, Glenwood

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Glenwood Hot Springs Resort Awards Higher Education Scholarships

Pictured (left to right): Kevin Flohr,  Director of Operations - Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, Gisley Torres, Charlotte Olejniczak, Christina Matzl, Stacey James, Scholarship Committee Member

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Things to Do at Night in Glenwood Springs

Soak all day at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, then go out on the town for food, music, dancing, comedy and more! Spend the daytime hours of your Colorado vacation soaking away stress in Glenwood’s

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The Best Time of Year to Visit Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Any time of year is perfect to visit Colorado’s best-known hot springs town for a soothing soak in the geothermal Glenwood Hot Springs Pool. Depending on the experience you’re seeking—seasonal

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Upcoming Pool Maintenance Dates

Know before you go! We close the pool five times a year for maintenance.  Read More

•  September 10th, 2019

•  November 5th-6th, 2019

• January 14th, 2020

•  March 3rd, 2020

•  April 21st-22nd, 2020